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Online Billing & Payments

Most of our insurance companies have the option for you to pay your premiums by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), e-check or by credit card. Fast online payments can prevent lapses in coverage and save you time.

File Claims

If you have a claim to report, you can take advantage of the insurance carriers’ 24/7 Claim Support Service to report a claim directly to the insurance company claim department or you may contact Calbranch Inc.


Calbranch represents the following companies and has listed them below for easy access to their respective websites. Just click on the name of the company you wish to access and you will be taken directly to their homepage.

A Central Site Link 1-800-234-6926 Call
Insurance Exchange Site Link 1-866-992-4368 Call
Co-Operative Insurance Site Link 1-800-333-1679 Call
American Collectors Site Link 1-866-874-4794 Call
American Modern
Insurance Site Link 1-866-527-9583 Call
Condon & Skelly Site Link 1-800-257-9496 Call
Countryway Site Link
Dryden Mutual Site Link 1-800-724-0560 Call
Employers Site Link 1-800-700-9113 Call
Erie & Niagara
Insurance Association Site Link 1-716-632-5433 Call
Foremost Site Link
Genesee Patrons Site Link 1-585-343-7307 Call
Kemper Site Link 1-866-860-9348 Call
Livingston Mutual Site Link 1-800-724-0074 Call
National General Insurance
(formerly GMAC) Site Link 1-800-462-2123 Call
Main Street America
(National Grange) Site Link
NYCM Site Link 1-800-234-6926 Call
Insurance Company Site Link
Progressive Site Link 1-800-776-4737 Call
Russell Bond Site Link 1-800-333-7226 Call
Safeco Insurance Site Link 1-800-332-3226 Call
Insurance Company Site Link 1-800-462-4661 Call
Tower Insurance
Company of NY Site Link
Travelers Site Link

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